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FEMM Hub Project Lead Features on Energy Transitions Podcast

3 May 2022

Picking only the most inspirational individuals working on innovative solutions and ideas in the energy sector, Dr Heather Johnstone, Director of Initiate at Enlit Europe invited Dr Jill Miscandlon onto her podcast to discuss her role within the FEMM Hub.

Jill, leader of our cross-cutting theme ‘Sustainable manufacturing of electrical machine components for the circular economy’ was interviewed for Enlit Europe for their Energy Transitions podcast. During the 20-minute podcast, Jill introduces the FEMM Hub and describes the research currently taking place within it before discussing the development of a more sustainable lifecycle for electrical machines and the design principles that can optimise efficiency.

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Kicking off the podcast, Jill discusses how the team are integrating the manufacturing considerations into the design stage of the machine, when typically an electrical machine would be designed for optimum efficiency with the design then handed over for manufacture which may result in a costly change in the design if problems occur. By integrating both manufacture and design during the initial stages, alterations are not only quick and cheap to make but you can use novel manufacturing techniques to allow for new options for design and materials. These changes are essential if we are going to hit ambition targets.

Dr Jill Miscandlon

You can listen to this thought-provoking podcast in full by following the link below.