Third Feasibity Call:  Pei

Additive manufacturing of stator winding for cryogenically cooled axial flux motors 

The UK Government is committed to achieving a net zero economy by 2050. Hydrogen-powered aircraft are gaining momentum because they can achieve zero carbon emission in flight. The use of liquid hydrogen as a fuel source means that aircraft can also create a cryogenic environment in which to run the electrical motor propulsion system improving the power density and efficiency. Axial flux motors, widely used in aircraft propulsion systems, are particularly suitable for the application of the concentrated windings formed by additive manufacturing. This project aims to investigate use of additive manufacturing of stator windings for cryogenically cooled axial flux motors; partnered with Airbus, Renishaw and Höganäs. An axial flux motor stator prototype will be manufactured and characterised both at room temperature and in the cryogenic cryostat available at Bath at lower than -200˚C for comparison and validation. The cryogenic test will provide insight into how additively manufactured stator windings and soft magnetic composite cores perform at cryogenic temperatures.