Third Feasibity Call:  Birosca

Novel Manufacturing Approach to Design Electrical Steels used in E-NOMA ES

This feasibility study aims to manufacture high Si electrical steels (ES)s via an additive manufacturing (AM) route, which are hard to manufacture with conventional processing. Here, three novel metal 3D printing methodologies, that are required to produce high quality ES components suitable for e-machines, will be trialled: In-situ steel lamination, in-situ electro pulse treatment and in-situ alloying. Whilst AM has been used previously to produce ES and there are limited literature reports for in-situ lamination. This will be the first time that all three techniques are considered in an integrated approach to achieve ring core components that can then be characterised. This project will consider the materials’ behaviour during 3D printing and the technological development of additive manufacturing where the proposed novel methodology is needed to offer near net shape fabrication of laminated (ES)s. The feasibility outcomes will support future development of the approach, and proposals, to optimise the process and develop targeted compositions for magnetic performance and AM manufacturability.