Third Feasibity Call:  Wang

Electric Motor Disassembly 

It is projected that globally, there will be 31.6M electric vehicles (EVs) by 2027, up from 6.5M in 2019. The rise will be even more dramatic when countries like the UK mandate a full switch to EVs in the coming decade or so. These developments will, in turn, generate a step change in the quantity of electric motors that will reach the end of service life in their original platform. A solution is needed for the remanufacturing of those electric motors to achieve a sustainable circular economy.

Disassembly is the first step in the remanufacturing of a product. The disassembly of end-of-life products usually must be performed by humans due to the difficulties associated with uncertainties in their conditions. To cope with the expected large numbers of electric motors available for remanufacturing, it is necessary to find ways to reduce the manual labour content in their disassembly.