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Manufacturing opportunities for future electrical machines

10 May 2022

If you would like to attend this training session, please email Lindsey Farnsworth at l.j.farnsworth@sheffield.ac.uk.

Poster for the Manufacturing Opportunities for Future Electrical Machines training session.

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Manufacturing opportunities for future electrical machines

20 June 2022, 1pm-3.30pm (online)Presented by Dr Jill Miscandlon (Advanced Forming Research Centre) and Dr Lloyd Tinkler (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre).


Approximately 50% of an electrical machine's weight comes from the non-active components. These components are typically machined from bulk forgings or castings and have not been designed in an optimal way. Changing the method of manufacture could lead to opportunities for light-weighting and improved design, with a range of novel manufacturing processes available depending on the requirements of a specific component. 

This course will introduce novel manufacturing routes which could be used for the manufacture of non-active components in electrical machines. The technologies will be introduced and the benefits of each will be highlighted, with examples of potential electrical machine components given. 

Information will also be provided on how some of these technologies can aid in the development of more sustainable manufacturing routes, eg through the use of near neat shape preforms to reduce material wastage, or cold forming processes to reduce energy consumption during manufacture. 

This course is suited to electrical machine designers and researcher. It aims to give attendees a good appreciation of the potential of novel manufacturing technologies, and be able to to consider alternative manufacturing routes for non-active components in future machine designs. This course will be delivered by Dr Jill Miscandlon from the Advanced Forming Research Centre, and Dr Lloyd Tinkler from the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, both of which are part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult.


1pm Introduction
1.15pm Technology overview part 1
2pm Break
2.15pm Technology overview part 2
3pm Opportunities for sustainable manufacture

To sign up for this session email l.j.farnsworth@sheffield.ac.uk.