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Team - Jill Miscandlon

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AFRC, University of Strathclyde

The Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC), University of Strathclyde

Dr Jill Miscandlon is a Senior Manufacturing Engineer at the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland. Jill graduated with a PhD and BSc(Hons) in mathematics before joining the AFRC as a Research Assistant in 2013. 

She worked for six years leading large-scale CR&D projects on novel forming processes, such as flow forming and spinning, including the SAMULET (Strategic Affordable Manufacturing in the UK through Leading Environmental Technologies) and Manufacturing Portfolio projects. Jill is currently the lead researcher for Strathclyde on the EPSRC-funded Future Electrical Machines Manufacturing (FEMM) hub, and is leading two grand challenges within FEMM: one on light weighting of non-active components, and the other on sustainable manufacture of electrical machines. 

She was a leading figure in the development of the work package around sustainable manufacture and circular economy of electrical machines. Jill’s knowledge and expertise also informs and directs the electrification strategy within NMIS and the wider University of Strathclyde community.

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