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Two New Robots Arrive at Factory 2050

4 November 2020

Two brand new robots have recently been installed at Factory 2050 to be used for robotic coil winding with the aim of supporting flexible production of high-value electrical machines.

These will be used in work-package 2.3: Manufacturing technologies for flexibility and customisation. A bespoke end-effector is due to be manufactured in house and then mounted on one of the robots to perform needle winding. 

Later, the linked kinematics capability of the two robots will be explored to attempt trickle winding, a highly accurate and kinematically complex technique usually performed by hand and implemented to wind high-end electrical machines.

For more information on work-package 2.3 and the FEMM Hub, see the 2020 Annual Report.

Pictured (left to right) at Factory 2050 - Gianmarco Pisanelli, Lloyd Tinkler and Alexei Winter.