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FEMM Hub Director Presents at the Henry Royce Institute

11 October 2022

The Henry Royce Institute, in collaboration with the LightForm EPSRC Programme grant, is running a seminar series showcasing the research at Manufacturing the Future EPSRC funded projects.

The aim of the series is to increase awareness of ongoing research in these projects, to inspire multidisciplinary collaborations between the grant holders and their institutions, and to introduce the Manufacturing the Future EPSRC funded projects to the wider materials community.

On Thursday 8 October 2022, FEMM Hub Director, Professor Geraint Jewell headed to the Royce Institute at The University of Manchester and presented to both an online and in-person audience as part of the “Materials in Manufacturing the Future” seminar series.

FEMM Hub Director Professor Geraint Jewell presents at the Henry Royce Insititute, Manchester.

During his presentation, he highlighted the work of the FEMM Hub and its research programme, with particular focus on materials-related aspects, notably the potential for structural components to play a role in enhancing power density and our work on soft magnetic material measurements and modelling. 

For more information on this seminar series, visit the seminar series page on the Henry Royce Institute site.