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Team - Zi-Qiang Zhu

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EEE, University of Sheffield

Professor of Electrical Machines and Control Systems, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Sheffield

Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu graduated with a BEng degree (1982) and an MSc degree (1984) from Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, and a PhD degree (1991) from The University of Sheffield, UK. After working as a Lecturer/Assistant Lecturer at Zhejiang University from 1984 to 1988, he joined the University of Sheffield in 1988. 

Initially, as a Visiting Research Fellow sponsored by the British Council (1988-1989) and a Research Associate working on an EU funded project in co-operation with Philips (1989-1992), then on an established university post as a Senior Research Scientist/Officer (1992-2000). He is currently a Professor on Electrical Machines and Control Systems in the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering (2000- present). He holds the Royal Academy of Engineering/Siemens Research Chair (2014- present) and is the Head of the Electrical Machines and Drives Research Group (2008- present).

Professor Zhu’s research interests include the design and control of novel high torque/power density and high efficiency permanent magnet machines and drives for applications ranging from electric vehicles through domestic appliances to wind power generation and more electric aircraft. 

By way of example, his research activities over the last 35 years cover: 

These research activities have been sponsored by the UK/EU government and the global industries based in the UK, Germany, Japan, Denmark, France, and China, with research funding of more than £20 million. 

He is the Founding Academic Director of Sheffield Siemens Wind Power Research Centre on direct-drive permanent magnet wind power generators, the Founding Director of CRRC Electric Drives Technology Research Centre on the power trains for fast train propulsion, and the Founding Director of Midea Electric Machines and Controls Research Centre on low cost high performance electric motors and drives for domestic appliances.

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