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PhD student - Simon Goodwin

PhD title: High Frequency Soft Magnetic Composite Machines and Optimised Drives

PhD supervisor: Dr Glynn Atkinson

While much research is conducted on improving electric motors and inverters with fundamental frequencies in the range of 600Hz to 1.2kHz, traction systems operating above 2.5kHz fundamental frequency are becoming more prevalent.

To close this gap and provide insights into the design of such drive systems, this research will focus on a high frequency electric drivetrain built around an SMC electric motor and will aim to optimise the inverter topology, its modulation strategy and filtering to achieve the highest system efficiency and system power density whilst taking advantage of the high frequency capability of SMC. 

A major part herein will be to balance losses between the motor core, the inverter and potentially a filter in a way that suits the whole system while considering the use case defined by the WLTP cycle.