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Team - Hassan Ghadbeigi

Mechanical Engineering, University of Sheffield 

Dr Hassan Ghadbeigi has obtained his BSc in Manufacturing Engineering and MSc in Mechanical Engineering in Iran before joining The University of Sheffield in 2006.  He was awarded his PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 2010 from the University of Sheffield. Dr Ghadbeigi has been a member of academic staff at the Department of Mechanical Engineering since 2013  and the co-director of IDC in Machining Science since 2017. His research interests cover a wide range of multidisciplinary topics on mechanics of materials deformation and damage in manufacturing processes such as machining, shear cutting and forming as well as manufacturing induced effects on the structural integrity and functional performance of produced parts. Dr Ghadbeigi expertise cover development of experimental methods and numerical and analytical tools to predict material deformation and failure in severe deformation conditions such as chip formation in engineering materials and thin sheet blanking for electric machines and associated  process induced defects on functional performance of the produced components. 

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